Dad's Day Antioch Kids 2018

Dad's Day with Antioch Kids

What is Dad's Day?

An opportunity for dads & grandpas to join their students grades K-5 in worship in the Kids Auditorium on Sunday, June 17 at any of the 3 services.  

When is Dad's Day?

Father's Day, Sunday June 17th. Just come to whatever service your student normally attends, or to the service that works best for your family and you. 

Do I need to practice?

The rehearsal is OPTIONAL. There is a lot of movement involved in kids worship, so you may feel more comfortable if you already know the movements before Dad's Day. Rehearsal is on Tuesday, June 12th at 6:30pm in the Kids Auditorium. This rehearsal is for the dads and grandpas only. Students don't attend this.  

The Hype Team (kids worship team) is so excited to celebrate Jesus with your student and you! Can't wait to see you there!!

Antioch kids

Antioch Kids’ purpose is to consistently provide relevant Bible-based instruction in a fun, safe, loving environment where children feel welcome that, in God’s timing, will lead to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Sundays at 9:00 AM:

  • Early Education
    Birth – Pre-Kindergarten
  • Elementary Education
    Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Sundays at 10:45 AM:

  • Early Education
    Birth – Pre-Kindergarten
  • Elementary Education
    Kindergarten – 5th Grade
  • Special Needs Class

Sundays at 5:00 PM:

  • Early Education
    Birth – Pre-Kindergarten
  • Early & Elementary Education
    Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Jesus said to him, “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the first and great commandment.”  Matthew 22:37-38

For more information, please call Todd Slagle, Family Pastor, at 816.436.1649 or send email to


The Awana club year runs generally with the school year, with weekly club meetings beginning at 6:30 pm and ending at 8:00 pm each Wednesday from late August through April, followed by an Awards Night.  Children must be three years old on or before July 31 before each club year begins in late August to be eligible for Cubbies.

  • Cubbies (coed):  Preschoolers
  • Sparks (coed):  Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
  • T&T Girls:  3rd – 5th Grades
  • T&T Boys:  3rd – 5th Grades

Awana Clubs are loaded with excitement:

  • Game Time – a high-energy segment featuring individual and team competition.  Everyone participates.
  • Handbook Time - Awana emphasizes memorizing Bible verses, with understanding.  Clubbers earn uniform awards and other awards for their achievement as they progress through the handbooks.
  • Large Group Time – Clubs gather to sing and hear a Bible message and announcements of upcoming events.

For I delivered to you that which is most important:  Christ died for our sins, He was buried, and He was raised again on the third day, all according to the Scriptures.  1 Corinthians 15:3-4

For more information, please call Todd Slagle, Family Pastor at 816.436.1649 or send email to

abbc preschool

ABBC Preschool is a pre-kindergarten program for 4 and 5 year olds offering social interaction and learning within the structure and routine of a classroom setting. We offer a hands-on approach to learning and a curriculum that focuses on daily, thematic units to help spark a child’s natural curiosity and interest in learning as well as a warm, caring Christian environment. It is our desire, during these crucial formative years, to provide a positive foundation for future learning as well as a learning experience that will enhance a child’s opportunity for a future, successful academic experience. Class sessions run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:15 am-1:15 pm, during the regular school year.  For more information: →