Antioch Students 6th-12th Grade

Sunday: 10:45 am/Wednesday: 6:30 pm
We meet in Kreeger Hall.

sunday mornings

Students can connect in community with other students their age through Antioch Groups

Wednesday Nights

This is a high-energy worship service for 6th-12th grade designed specifically to reach students where they are in life.


Social Media is awesome. It’s brought us some of the best inventions in modern times. Like the selfie, or even better, the selfie stick. Maybe you’re a fan of the hashtag or the GIF or weekly holidays like Throwback Thursday. All of those were all made popular by one social network or another. And, maybe one of the best things these apps have given us is the filter. Filters are amazing. They basically change the way you see something in a picture. A quick swipe and you can instantly make your photo look brighter, dimmer, older, newer, you can change the shape of your eyes, change the color of your hair, or even swap faces with another human being! You know what we called that in the old days? Magic. Now, it’s just normal. You take a pic and you automatically start swiping to the left or the right to find filters that will make the scene better or funnier or more interesting. But in the process of posting our lives online, other things can get filtered too, maybe even things that shouldn’t—like how we see ourselves, our words, and even other people.

Week 1: Fake Spirituality

Week 2: The Biblical Filter

Week 3: Filtering Our Words

Week 4: Loving Others

Parent Connect Ideas

upcoming events


  • Registration will be open February 10-March 24 - $50 deposit, consent form and notarized camp participant form due by March 24 to reserve your spot.

  • Cost: $309 per student - Online payment will be available February 10-June 5.

  • Details and camp paperwork - please note the camp participant form must be notarized.

  • Camp Parent Meeting - Sunday, March 3, 12:15 pm, in Kreeger Hall

2018 Summer Camp Recap Video



There are many different ways to partner with us in making disciples of this generation. We want to see students become disciples who make disciples. To make that a reality takes a group of adults willing to invest their lives into students. A background check is required.

Antioch Group Leaders

We are always looking for new leaders who are willing to step in and invest in students on a weekly basis by walking through God's Word with them and helping them apply it to their lives. For more info fill out the form below, and we will get back to you very soon. 

Team Leaders

One of our growing needs in student ministry is helping lead teams of students to do the work of the ministry. We believe part of discipleship is serving, and we want to see students serving other students. We need people who are willing to build/organize/train students to lead their ministry. This is mainly a Wednesday night serving opportunity. For more info fill out the form below, and we will be in contact with you very soon.

Host Homes

There are different times throughout the year where we need people who are willing to open up their homes for activities. If you would be willing to add your home to a list of people we can contact about using your home for future events, please fill out the form below. 

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I am interested in the following

photo waiver and release

Photos and/or video may be taken during events such as camp and serving events. If you wish to express written consent, or if you do not wish for your or your child's likeness to be displayed on Antioch's social media, please complete this form and turn in to the church office: Photo Release/Waiver Form