Welcome to the Generation Now  initiative, we encourage you to look at the materials we have made available about the future of Antioch.

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A Church rich in history

I'm ready to impact this Generation NOW:

7 Steps to give "over and Above" 

1. Practice priority budgeting - Many families will choose to rearrange their priorities and give up something in their current budget in order to give more to a generosity initiative. 

2. Redirect present expenditures - Often, families have significant short-term expenditures for special needs. 

3. Increased giving with Increased income - Some people receive periodic increases in salary or bonuses from their employers.   

4. Give from your excess - Some of you may have collections, inheritance, savings or other resources you could give to Generation Now. 

5. Commit unexpected cash - Often, people pray for God to show them a way to give beyond what they can presently see or afford.

6. Sacrifice your extra time - Some family members have extra time they would be willing to use in a part-time job to be able to give more to the church. 

7. Donate appreciated assets - Many people own stocks that are worth significantly more than the original purchase price. That is good news.  By transferring ownership of the asset to the church, the donor avoids capital gains taxes on the sale of the asset. In addition, the donor receives an income tax charitable deduction for the full market value of the asset. That, in effect, makes these gifts less costly to make.

How Could Your Family be more involved?

Clip & Snip: Clip those coupons! Saving $30 per week on food purchases for two years would yield $3,120!

Kick that Habit: Do you have a coffee shop habit? One specialty coffee per day for two years equals around $2,900.

Delayed Gratification: Wait for a movie to come out on DVD. Two trips to the theater per month for two people at an average of $25 would equal $1,200.

Press Onward: Have a bill payment you’re almost finished with? Commit to continuing to “pay the bill” by redirecting the money to Generosity Now. 

Refund Baby: Commit to give your income tax refund check for a three-year period.

Water: Drinking water at a restaurant instead of a soft drink at $5 per week would be a minimum of $520 over two years.

Cut the Fat: Have premium movie channels in your cable package? Cutting those out, or even downgrading one tier in your package could save you nearly $1,000.

Will you join us in prayer? 

Our influence

By God's grace, and through the involvement of people like you, we are given the opportunity to influence the next generation of disciples, leaders, students, and children now. Everyone matters to God. 

We envision a secure, safe, fun, and well-staffed children's ministry space to fulfill our mission of love, grow, serve, and go. Each week hundreds of families enter our facilities and bring their children to many different locations on campus. We desire to create a central and secure area for parents to check in their children. 

We will also repurpose previously used space in our facilities to accommodate a vibrant student ministry as well as Antioch Groups. We desire to provide a place where life-change happens in the lives of adults, students, and children who will, in turn, influence future generations in the Northland and beyond for Christ. 

Our Welcome

Each year Antioch is fortunate to welcome hundreds of first-time guests to our Sunday worship services. Studies confirm that before a service even begins, many guests decide whether or not they will return to our church. 

We will continue to provide a genuine welcome and also create a warm and inviting space for our guests and those who call Antioch home. A new and expanded commons area for connection, community, conversation, and coffee. Included in the commons area will be a guest services center, accessible check-in for families with children, resource center, and coffee area. 

our reach

Making disciples is non-negotiable and is the reason we exist as a church. We desire and envision using our new Children's Ministry Center, Student Space, and Commons Area to reach people in the Northland and beyond with the life changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a defining moment for our church to influence and impact our generation now. 

*All images and building plan renderings are proposed concepts that are in no way the final plan of the goals that God has set before us. All concepts are subject to changes or alterations.

I'm ready to impact this Generation NOW: