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Everyone is welcome to help!

Main tasks include:

  • Cleaning out flower and shrub beds and putting in a new layer of mulch as needed.  This will include removing mulch from the northeast corner and installing river rock. 

  • Planting flowers in pots that go near entries and planting flowers on the lowest tier near Kreeger steps and around church sign. 

  • Rebuilding tiers of rocks near Kreeger steps; extending underground gutter drain out to the lowest tier where large river rocks are; planting bushes and shrubs on 2nd tier; putting down weed mat and mulch. 

  • Cleaning up west ditch, including brush from creek to fence line. 

Secondary tasks include:

  • Cleaning out and trimming shrub beds at mission homes. 

  • Power washing kitchen floor mats and under canopies. 

  • Washing exterior of Kids Center windows and possibly interior windows not easily reached. Necessary skills would be required for this. 

  • Washing all windows in entry areas, including upper windows not easily reached. 

Rain out date is Saturday, April 13.

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