Our rooms are cleared out, our bags are packed, and the trailer is loaded. We’ve still got a couple of morning activities to wrap up and in a couple hours we’ll be headed home.

So what next? For the campers what comes next is going home and bringing camp back with them. Not camp itself of course, but to bring home what they’ve learned and put it to practice.

For the believer, what’s next is to walk in the faith, and to take that faith to the world around them.

For the unbeliever, it’s to continue to weigh what they heard this week. We can’t force that, but Gospel seeds have been planted. Pray for the harvest, even though it may be years or even a lifetime in the making for some of them. I don’t know everyone reading this, that next step may even be for you. Ask your camper, ask us, the Gospel is the entire reason we do this.

And in the big picture, what comes next for all of us, is that Jesus will one day return. Are you ready for that?

Thank you so much for sharing your kids with us for another week. This is not a trust we take lightly, but seeing kids and families influenced by the Gospel is what it’s all about.

Lord willing, we’ll be home soon!