Hi folks! From a tech perspective today has got to be the strangest day I have ever had at CK! OMC getting pushed to 9p changed the pacing of the whole day, and it ended up being so dark during the actual game time that the video footage didn’t leave me with much to work with in terms of grabbing cool frames of kids breaking water balloons over their heads, etc. :-) I’d have brought a flashlight if I had known it was going to be so dark! I do have a few minutes of video from times where the light or timing was better that captures some select moments and the energy of the kids though and I hope you’ll enjoy what I was able to salvage.

BUT… as bummer as the nighttime OMC was for me personally and technically, that’s just details and honestly not really what matters.

What DOES really matter… is that one of our own kids got saved! I don’t really know all the details, but we are so excited to say that Libby Carter made a profession of faith and she is now our sister in Christ!

I also have some footage of our excellent Sign Language track, in which I think our church has 5 kids. The video there is a little weird too because they had the front kids sit and kneel, and that placed many of them behind these under-construction blinker decorations on the stage, that made it difficult to get a good view of all of them at once without me being in the way. But I did get them, see the video. :-)

Despite being a pretty unorthodox CK schedule today I think, for the kids, that it ended up well. The kids and leaders ended up with a lot of time to hang out casually, and the value of that personal time can’t be overstated.

Before OMC Pastor Luke wrapped up the day with a message on God’s power, and reinforced how we connect to God’s power through salvation and prayer. Pray for our kids — your kids — to see their need for God and to make a personal connection through faith to the unique power of the redeeming work of Christ.

”For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…”
Romans 1:16a ESV