Today is the day. THE day. OMC day! Organized Mass Chaos Day! The day when the camp and the rec field gets covered in colors — yellow, green, blue, red, and orange! It’s glorious!

But.,.. that won’t be until later today, so come back!

More importantly, it’s Caitlyn Alexendar’s 11th birthday! Happy birthday Caitlyn! She was a great dancer, and had such a confident presence on stage — you should totally check it out in the video!

Right now our kids are doing Bible study and then outdoor rec. With today’s focus being OMC I probably won’t have any more pictures or posts until later tonight after OMC. They should be plentiful, colorful, and messy — and probably some OMC video as well! if you want to see it for yourself!

Today’s theme is God Reveals: His Power. In the opening message at I Can’t Wait Pastor Luke talked about how microwaves and toasters don’t do much of anything on their own, they need power to work. And things like our phones and laptops can work for a while on their own, but if they are disconnected for too long then they also need to be connected back to power. Likewise God is powerful, and is our power source, and if we aren’t properly connected to Him we will not be effective for our intended purpose.

Pray for our kids, to know that relying on God’s power is not weakness, it’s the way to fully be who and what we are intended to be by our creator!