So today has been pretty hectic for me. Several times I’ve tried to get something posted and run out of time between activities.

We had guests - Pastor Bob and Judy came to visit like they are so faithful to do! I really appreciate our pastor and wife taking time each year to come down and see the kids and the camp. They don’t have to, but it’s a really nice touch I think that lets the kids know Pastor Bob isn’t just the adult pastor, he’s their pastor too and he cares about what they’re doing. Love you Pastor Bob and Judy, thanks for a being a great example of sincere ministry to our church and kids!

We also did outdoor rec, fought off sharks under parachutes, asked a wolf what time it is and then ran like crazy if/when he/she answered “lunch time!”. In Art Studio we put on blindfolds and tried to draw a dog — that was certainly interesting! In basketball we worked on… basketball. Indoor games did an obstacle course and played something I think is called Scatterball? It was like mass chaotic freeform dodgeball.. Khysen drained a tennis ball trick shot his group had been working on for quite some time, A little baseball, football, soccer, and finally some noodle tag, and all before dinner! Oh my!

Then we had dinner, and some people got Snocones. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s been non-stop around here, glad to finally have a chance to get you all updated! I’ll have one more post tonight to wrap the day up and I encourage you to come back, read it, and then pray for the kids, the leaders, the staffers, and for the Holy Spirit to move in and through all of us for the sake of The Gospel.