All day long, in the midst of all the crazy, has been the persistent theme that God has revealed the way to salvation through Jesus. What an amazing God! He would’ve been right to have left us as we were, on our already-establish path of eternal separation. But God didn’t just KNOW a way, or keep it to himself. No, God knew what we needed and prepared the way himself — paying a price only he could pay, for a debt he didn’t owe. Seriously, hallelujah!

During Worship, Pastor Luke capped the day with another “what now?” I like that after a day of immersion in and idea, at the end of each day Centrikid brings it back to being personal, to try to get the kids to see how they should appropriate that truth themselves. CK doesn’t push it, they don’t seem to ever be pushing for a mad rush kids at the altar call, but they aren’t afraid to call them to “do something” with what they have been. And so, Pastor Luke’s final words were “What now? What does it mean to YOU that God has revealed Jesus is the way?”

It’s an important question. Whether saved or not, pray that our kids would rightly weigh their answer and its everlasting impact.