Just back from the closing worship service. Well, I’M back, the kids are out playing and enjoying the evening breeze and setting Sun.

CK does a really nice job with the evening Worship time. Most of the day is very high-energy, goofy, and even silly albeit always spiritually purposed — but they make a deliberate effort to calm things down and set a more reverent tone for the evening service. At this time we don’t play games or be goofy - we sing, we are taught: the tone is set for worship.

Pastor Luke wrapped up the theme for the day and ended with the very convicting question in the title — So you know God’s names, but do you know God?

Appropriately, in our church time afterwards, Julia Akers and Jake Willard gave their testimonies to our kids. They came from very different backgrounds but ultimately came to the same point of realizing their need for a savior — of their need for the saving grace found in the finished work of Christ.

I don’t have any pictures for this last post. Instead, I ask you to picture our kids — to pray for them to likewise be challenged in their own faith, for the Holy Spirit to convict them as only He can, to place their faith in what only Jesus has done.