Camp is in full swing now and starting to take shape! After we settled in to our rooms we went to dinner and then hung around and played outside until 7pm for Opening Celebration, the first official camp activity! At Opening Celebration we played some big room games, Mr Keller got on stage and justified his college degree by successfully shaking a box and correctly identifying that there was a towel inside — way to go Mr Keller! And we rummaged through our pockets and backpacks for an item scavenger hunt.

Then we settled into some singing which was energetic but a little more focused, and I do say I really like the band this year so far, before finally meeting Camp Pastor Luke who introduced us to the theme for the week — All Access! — and began to connect that to our access to God, and our wholesale pursuit of him.

The key verse for the week is John 17:3, and tonight Pastor Luke focused on how copies and imitations are never as good as the original, and that our God is the only God, all others are at best cheap and disappointing imitations. As I’ve come to expect from Centrikid, he reinforced that with multiple other references from scripture — he didn’t sell the kids short on their ability to apprehend that God is real, true, and entirely unique. Pray for our kids to absorb this truth into themselves.

The kids are now showered and working on going to bed. Pray for a good night’s sleep, fresh minds, and open spirits to learn what God reveals to them throughout the day — the week — to come.